Originating from Jeollanam-do, Korea, Chef Sungchul Shim cultivated his culinary passion
in smaller kitchens before honing his skills in esteemed restaurants like Le Bernadin and Per Se.
In 2019 he unveiled Kochi earning his first Michelin star for his refined take on Korean Skewered dishes.

His subsequent venture,Mari, a hand roll focused restaurant, also garnered a Michelin star.

Chef Shim further expanded his culinary repertoire in 2023 by introducing two more casual venues.

Don Don the first dry age pork barbeque restaurant in New York city and a korean hand roll bar offering the highest quality Korean ingredients. 

With Gui Chef Shim brings us a steakhouse that promises a fresh,

unrivaled taste experience and aims to serve the best steaks in New York. 

Chef Sungchul Shim's journey represents his unceasing pursuit of culinary innovationand commitment to sharing the intricate flavors of Korean cuisine to the world. 


Chef Shim Sung Chul heads our kitchen, blending classic Korean tastes with creative methods.
Executive Pastry Chef Thomas Raquel delights guests with his refined desserts, crafted from years of fine dining expertise.

Chef de Cuisine Jiwon collaborates closely with Chef Shim to ensure every dish meets

our high standards,paying careful attention to detail and striving for excellence.